A week in Tuscany


Pheebs and I just enjoyed our short but sweet honeymoon to Tuscany, Italy where we stayed in a private villa in Lucolena near Florance. The villa was called Casetta Busecchio and booked through To-Tuscany who specialise in Villa’s all over Italy. Ours was in the middle of no where in the heart of the Tuscan countryside and we saw hundreds of gekko’s, huge bugs the size of hummingbirds, birds of prey circling, fire flys, baby wild bore, wild hare and two wild cats during the course of the week. The highlight (other than enjoying the countryside, wine and each others company was a wine and tasting tour at the Castello del Verranzano which also included a 5 course meal unfortunately I had to drive so couldn’t drink much wine at all. πŸ™ The flight there was booked by Easy Jet and also included a car so the TomTom came in handy getting there. I think we’d both certainly enjoy a return visit at some point but not necessarily the same villa which could sleep 10-12 people…….. it was a little eerie when it got dark but so nice to enjoy a little piece and quiet after the hecticness of the wedding preparations.

An Afternoon at Chelsea

Chelsea 09

Mum, Dad, Phoebe’s and I paid a visit to Chelsea and the world famous flower show as none of us had ever been before. I think we were expecting a fairly quiet afternoon concidering it was a memembers afternoon but we were sure wrong……it was absolutely heaving! πŸ™ Still, we wandered around looking at the exhibit gardens and managed to get a peek at some of them after pushing through the onlookers. Mum and Dad descided to wander around on their own so Pheebs and I also wandered looking at the impressive floral displays. We managed to bump into Kim Cattrall in the covered hall but didn’t see any further movie stars. We managed to also see Alan Titchmarsh sitting in one of the gardens about to talk about something but didn’t get anywhere near due to the crowds of people flocking. It was good to finally see what all the fuss was about but to be honest I think it’s a little expensive to wander round a sales pitch arena. From talking to other friends who’ve been there, the trick is to get there first thing in the morning and then run around very quickly before the hoards turn up! lol I believe the Hampton Court Flower show is supposed to be bigger, less packed and more worth the dosh, so perhaps we’ll try that next year. Still it’s give Pheeb’s and I some things to think about……

Another visit to Wisley


Paid another visit to Wisley Gardens with Phoebe which was good as I still need some ideas of what to do with my very small court yard garden. The small garden area is very cool for what to do in small spaces, but I think mine is even smaller still than Wisley’s! πŸ™‚ That means I’ll have to be extra creative when I move into the design phase…..

Camping with the boys

Strange friends

That’s right, another year later and it’s time to go camping with the boys in the New Forest again. It’s pretty much the same format as most years….beer, beer and more beer. In addition to drinking beer Rob and I started the camp boules championship with a surprising winning streak for me! πŸ™‚ Anyhow, we had a usual trip to the beach and starting problems with my car….whoops….least it’s fixed now… πŸ™‚

Ah, a good break but too much beer. Still I’ve got a little while to recover before we go camping again for Dave’s stag do.