Happy Birthday Furball

Yes, it’s Henry’s birthday today, so happy birthday furball. Henry is still a source of amusement in his daily quest for food which he never seems to tire of! He certainly dealt with the tin of tuna in a timely fashion and still had room for more (and we resisted otherwise he’ll get too round!). πŸ˜‰

A weekend in Fowey

View from the Cormorant

Just spent a nice long weekend at the The Cormorant Hotel in Fowey, Cornwall with Pheebs. This is actually the hotel in which we got engaged at so it was quite nice to return to the scene of the crime so to speak. The view from any hotel room, the food and wine quality were just as good as I remembered. We even returned back to the Lost Gardens of Heligan which whilst is still a magical place, wasn’t quite as vibrant as it was in spring. Still, it was a very pleasant weekend away with my wife. πŸ˜‰

Further dining room cabinet progress

Dining Room Cabinets

Having spent some more time on the dining room cabinet project, I’ve made some progress in finally getting the doors glued together and attached via hinges to the cabinets themselves. It’s certainly been tricky as the cabinets aren’t exactly contracted with 90 degree angles! That’s mainly due to the alcoves also not being straight and true. πŸ™ This is unfortunately the price to pay for old houses but never the less they still look good and have much more character than modern houses. I also managed to sort out getting the drawers fitted and all the door knobs on. Just need to fill & sand the woodwork down and then get the shelves and door glass sorted before we can think about painting! πŸ˜‰

Kitchen Window

New Kitchen Roof Window

With some help from John (my father-in-law), we’ve managed to fit a new window in the kitchen roof. The reason for this is that we’re going to block up the back door in preparation for a new kitchen which will allow us more space and light in the current space we’ve got. Big thanks to John for his advice and assistance! πŸ˜‰