The Bethal Festival

The Bethal

It was another successful day for this years Bethel Festival which was held at the park near The Bethel in Old Trafford, Manchester. The festival is a free event held for the local community organized by the Bethal folks and mainly targeted for the kids. Everyone seemed to have a good time and the weather held out again so no-one got wet! 😉 Photo’s from the day can be found here.

Structured Wiring

Well that was fun day spent crawling under the floor boards fitting cat5e cable from the TV point to the loft in preparation for the loft project. I managed to get a cable routing kit which was very useful in laying the cable under the floorboards downstairs, up behind the dining room cabinets, under the office floor, into the bathroom and finally up into the loft via the airing cupboard….. it even worked first time although I did leave the cables too short downstairs so I’ll have to get a couple of junction boxes and use a spare cat5e patch cable to extend…. doh. Oh well can’t be perfect all the time….. 😉

Insulating the Loft

Insulating the Loft

So after purchasing a couple of spray on foam kits from Eco Polyurethane Systems Ltd I managed to finish insulating the loft space in 1 day which I was pleasantly surprised about. This is really in preparation for our long term loft conversion project in order to meet building regs. I probably won’t completely finish the loft this year but will at least get the room ready as luxury storage for the time being and then add a proper staircase once I’ve done some upstairs remodeling.  The spray foam was a little tricky to use as the cylinders has to be at quite warm before you could spray the chemical onto the roofing felt in-between the rafters.  You then had to ensure you got even coverage up to the rafters which I pretty much did in most cases. Once the spray foam add set I could then add 2×1 baton and screw plasterboard on to start to give a finishing touch. The next task will be to get a structural engineer in to measure up getting a couple of steel beams installed to support the new floor joists……

Plaster board covering


Let there be light….in the loft.

A big thanks to John for helping me fit a new velux window in the loft room and to fit a new loft hatch in the long term loft project. It’s now the second window we’ve fitted in the house and is starting to become a little easier now that we know how to do it. It certainly enables more light up in the loft space and allows for a through draft with both windows open. Slowly but surely the project is progressing but will we finish in time for our new arrival?