New radiator

New radiator

Just spend the last couple of days adding a new radiator into the dining room in order to make space for a piano. The piano wouldn’t have fitted unless I’d removed the double size radiator off the internal wall and installed next to the french doors. However it wouldn’t have fitted so we ended up getting a slim vertical one to fit on the outside wall next to the kitchen and french doors. With the double size off, I then exchanged that for the single width one in the hall. It involved some fun and games as I had to take up some of the floor boards to re-jig the pipework but it got sorted in the end. After a pressure test of the central heating we only found one small leak which was resolved by tightening a radiator joint. Sigh, that’s another item off the ever growing home improvement list…… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Little Man’s Room

Little Man's ceiling

So, it’s taken a couple of weekends now but I’ve finally moved out of my office and started re-decorating it so our little man can have his own room. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’ve now managed to get it ready for being skimmed which involved striping the wallpaper off the walls and PVC bonding the old lathe and plaster walls. However the ceiling had cracked so required plaster board being screwed into the joists to provide strength before the skim being applied and to avoid the old lathe and plaster ceiling from falling down on our little person. I also added a new single spur socket and buried all the sockets in the room into the walls. However with the stud partition wall, did require using some plaster board as the plaster had come away from the wall. Just got to sort putting steal into the loft and the new joists before we can think about getting this room skimmed.

Little Man's walls

Babes, bumps and blokes

NCT Group

Pheebs and I had our final NCT class today and I thought it would be good to capture a picture of our fellow parents to be before everyone pops and drops. The course was very informative and definitely worth attending for parents to be. However it covers the very traditional approach to childbirth which we’re hoping not to follow. For us we’re going to use the Hypnobirthing method to promote a natural birth rather than a Dr directed/led method. Out of the entire group, Phoebe and I are the only couple who are having a home birth (assuming no complications arise) so should be interesting once all the babies are born to compare notes! Gulp, since completing the course, pending arrival of little person seems that ever real and getting closer….. stay tuned. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sean and Sarah’s Wedding

Sean & Sarah

Bump, Phoebe and I just returned from an enjoyable evening at Sean and Sarah’s wedding reception which was held at the Frensham Pond Hotel in Farnham. It was good to celebrate their wedding which they held earlier in the year and great to catch up with them and the rest of their friends and family.

However I think the photo of the evening was of Alex and Rob but I’ve no idea what was going through Alex’s mind for his very personal man hug with Rob….. perhaps I let you make up your own mind…

Alex and Rob