A Weekend in Rye

The Harrison Clan

Pheebs, Abel and I escaped for a long weekend in Rye near the Harbour but did stop off on-route for a surprise visit to see Jim, Shireen and Veronica which I had no idea about. The cottage itself was very pleasant but in a little bit of a strange location. Still, it was very close to the beach and we did enjoy wandering around the vast empty beach with the sun shinning.

Empty Beach

We also managed to meet up with Ike, Sofie and little Vinnie which was cool as we’d not seem them for a little while.

Ike, Sofie and Vinnie

Glad we managed to have a nice family weekend and meet up with a couple of old friends. We’ll just have to ensure we don’t leave it too long next time.

Another weekend with the Downers

The Downer Clan

It was that time of year again when Pheeb’s, Abel and I headed off to a holiday cottage with the rest of Pheeb’s family. This time we headed to Waterhouse in the Peek District and stayed in an old house which in a previous life was a former restaurant. It was a fairly relaxing weekend with plenty of walking, good food and a visit to BlackBrook Zoological Park. Abel seemed to enjoy all the attention he got from his Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and Cousins…. 😉

Escape to Hay-on-Wye

A bed too big for Abel
Pheebs, Abel and I have just spent a lovely couple of days staying at Hideways in Hay-on-Wye in a converted stable. It was a special weekend not only spending quality family time together but as it was Pheeb’s birthday so we enjoyed a relaxing weekend around Hay (as much as you can with a baby). 😉

Loft update


Spent some more time up in the loft in between finishing Abel’s room and finally managed to get the stud work in place ready for putting plasterboard on. At least once that’s done it’ll start to look more like a room. 😉