Udaipur -> Ahmedabad

Woke up got changed and headed up to the roof for breakfast. After which we headed up to the palace. The place was quite nice and large (couldn’t think of a good word!) Walked around the main palace and the Queens palace which had 1922 Rolls Royce of which I had to take a picture (just for Steve and Neil!) After which we walked around the city museum. There was a stuffed tiger on display and it was one huge big pussy cat. Maybe I can bring a real one home for mum) After that we decided on a boat trip around the lake which stopped on an Island and much to my annoyance I had to make a rushed toilet visit (lucky it had one). but it didn’t flush but luckily had some toilet paper). After that we walked back to our room washed and had dinner on the roof before paying (not with out an outburst for Debs) and getting a ricksaw to the bus where we were entertained on another overnight bus journey to Ahmedabad which we arrived at 5am.


After not sleeping much, we made it through the night to Udiapur which is a quiet town of only 230,000 people compared to the million populated cities of India. After we stepped off the bus we got a ricksaw to hotel near the lake and after filling out the paper work we both passed out for a couple of hours. When we awoke we had breakfast and got a ricksaw to the station and tried to arrange a train ticket but failed cause no one would help so we asked the ricksaw driver to take us to a bus company via the local tourist office (who was quite helpful. After which we returned and walked around the place up to the palace and the back streets. After which we sat on the roof of the hotel and I started teaching Debs how to play chess and slowly watched the sun go down before returning to our room where we got changed and had dinner in the hotel next doors roof restaurant of which the food and the view of the palace was excellent.

Jaipur -> Udaipur

Woke up not feeling too good, tried to have breakfast but had to dash off to the toilet due to WS (Whirly squirts) and again felt completely drained. Went for a swim which made me feel slightly better and then headed off into town. Went into a clothes hut thing and got two bed covers and some funky blouses for Debs. Debs spent ages haggling and eventually won after which I brought some joss sticks and a small chess set (a real tacky one but hey its only 48 rupees!) After which returned had another swim and then slept for a while before having some food and then had a drink with the two guys from Bristol (Alfie and Lee) before getting a ricksaw to catch the late bus to Udaipur. It left at about 9pm and we travelled far into the night.


Woke up feeling not that bad. Wend downstairs had some toast and coffee and then proceeded to the train station where we tried to queue to get (well try!) a train ticket from here (Jaipur) to Udaipur but there were long queues because the computer system had gone down (sounds familiar!) So the taxi driver suggested that we got a bus and he knew a man that would like to take us there (of course!). We ordered our tickets and returned to the hotel where we swam and relaxed back at the room. After which we played cards and I ate too much chocolate. We tried to eat dinner at another restaurant next to the hotel but it was not very good. We returned back to the room to play cards and got bored. Both had showers and went to bed where Debs passed out like a light. Hopefully we will go shopping and I’ll try and get a chess set! Well you never know!