Kanchipuram -> Madras

Woke up very early but even so the room was hot. Left the hotel by ricky and decided to have breakfast at the Hotel Tanoil Nody before nabbing a ricksaw Walla to take us round the temples. We managed to barter him down to 200 rupees and set off to the lst temple and the largest. We even got blessed in the temple for a long life and prosperous family (cause they thought we were married!). After that we got conned into feeding the holy fish for 10 rupees and then the guide tried to get some money from us, but failed!. The next temple was the one I wanted to see and I found the picture from the “Way of the Warrior” and take a snap of me next to it, the next temple was not as good but I also found another picture from the book and again had my picture taken next to it. After that we packed and took a long hot bus ride back to Madras to the Brooklands Lodge which was recommended by (LP) and even included little bits which I wasn’t allowed to touch. Debs phoned home and I had to wait till after dinner. We had dinner in a nice restaurant up the road and returned back to book our train ticket to Delhi tomorrow night at 9pm! I even managed to talk to Mum, Dad and Nan after two weeks of not being able to talk to them.

Madras -> Kanchipuram

We were now in another hot smelly large city. We managed to get off the coach near some travel shops and asked them how to get to Kanchipuram. We managed to get a local bus out of Madras which was hot, and crammed full of Indians even hanging out of the door. Anyway after two and a half hours we made it to Kanchipuram and it wasn’t what I expected. It was much like any other Indian small town, hot smelly and noisy but that life huh. After drinking some cold 7Up we both had shower and relaxed, for a while and then set off by ricky ricksaw to the station to find out that we needed to book our tickets in Madras to go to Delhi. Oh well there’s nothing quite like the Indian railway system!. We then checked out another hotel restaurant and returned back to our hotel the Sri Rama Lodge.

Hyderabad -> Madras

We arrived in Hyderabad about 11 o’clock not feeling all that bad due to a nice bus. We got a taxi straight to the bus travel street and booked ourselves on another bus journey after which we entered an eating establishment but didn’t like the look of it and set off by ricky ricksaw to the Ritz 4 star hotel. We had a coke and went to the pool for a couple of hours. After that we had some nice food and expensive water, played cards and then got another ricksaw back to the bus stop where we had a mild disagreement with the taxi driver involving a duff 10 rupee note and it was ended when Debs got some more change when she brought some water. So we were off on another 15 hour bus expedition (well they are! Debs was hoping that they wouldn’t play the TV that was tucked away on board….to be continued…………but she was wrong we suffered two hours of some Indian film that neither of us had a clue about. Oh well it was fun apart from the seats in front! which were buggered and my seat didn’t work.

Aurangabad -> Hyderabad

Mr Grumble was not amused as he was woken up by little Miss Sunshine after which we set off, in an effort to get out of Aurangabad. We firstly went to the train station but again this proved a nightmare so Mr Grumble put his foot down and stated that we should take a bus. We stopped by the Bank to get some money which took ages. After that we set off to find a bus stop! We got some tickets and headed off via the post office (again had a nightmare in getting some stamps!) and then a chemist (some more Imodium) Before returning to the hotel and spent the afternoon by the Ashok swimming pool after which we returned to our hotel had a snack and played cards and watched with Mark. We then packed and then all had dinner together before saying goodbye to him and set off on our 11 hour bus journey to Hyderabad.