Haldwani -> Corbett

The bus arrived in Haldwani about 6ish and we found our way to the bus stop but no-one spoke English and there was no bus to Ramnager where we had to go. So we got a bus to Nanital which was high in the mountains near a large lake and had a long walk and run around before we got a bus to Ramnager and organised an entry into Corbett. We then got a local bus into the park to the accommodation area in Dhikra. We had a look around and met some guys from New Zealand. We watched the sun go down and then watched a film about the Project Tiger and the National Parks. We then had dinner which wasn’t too bad, be returning to the dorm and finding my stuff moved to another bunk. Great huh, this couldn’t have made me feel any better than having a cold and cough! The place was a dump. Apart from the scenery I didn’t think much of the accommodation. Oh well I suppose I ought to attempt to go to bed! I hope I can sleep! Oh and guess who caught the round end of the deal..me


I woke up at 5.30am and then went to the toilet which was quite funny on the train as you can’t stand up properly we arrived in Delhi and left the cool carriage into the morning heat. We got a ricksaw to Nurilais and had breakfast and eventually we decided to go to the Ringo Guest house after we had booked a ticket to Haldwani near the Corbett National Park! Whilst walking to the post office to post some cards we bumped into another English guy and he persuaded us to go with him to the Fort in Dehli. So off we went. It was too much the same as the fort at Agra but not as good. Anyway I got bored and we headed back to the guest house we talked to the others and played cards before leaving and catching our bus to Haldwani. As per usual the bus was late and they got all mixed up! So as per usual we set off on a night journey to a destination we knew nothing about.

Somewhere towards Delhi

Woke up with a flask of coffee in my face! It was about seven and it was quite interesting night’s sleep. I slept on the bottom bunk while Debs was on top! We were then served breakfast consisting of egg(with spice!) and toast which wasn’t too bad! We then sat around playing cards and staring out of the window. Again after an unknown time lunch arrived with more coffee. The train ride wasn’t boring but then again there wasn’t much to do. I did however write a letter and 13 postcards that evening though! The sights of India were nice to look at while we sat in the cool comfort of the AC sleep car. Dinner arrived sometime later again and then we played cards again before going to bed. The only problem was the strange case of my disappearing pillow which was well weird! Anyway I had a blanket to lean on. We went to bed quite early and again the train went on closer to Delhi.

Madras -> Delhi

Had a lie in this morning till about nine, got up and attempted to get breakfast at one place.. and failed,, we then tried the hotel Comfort I tried hard to explain about cold milk and corn flakes (they always heat the milk) but they didn’t have any anyway! So we had toast jam and coffee which was nice. Went shopping today. I brought a new guitar with bag strings etc for about 1000 rupees (only £20!)and Debs got some paper. We then played cards back at Broadlands and I played guitar while Debs fell asleep! Typical!! We then had a shower, packed and got ricky ricksaw to the Blue Diamond hotel where we had dinner and sat around until we went to Central Station to catch our train back to Delhi! We found our train which was AC and well nice compared to the other methods of travel, we were used to. The train departed on time and we set off through the night back to mayhem!