I woke up early and Debs was still asleep. I went back to sleep for a while and then got up and had breakfast. Debs got up sometime later and had some food, and then we went shopping. Dehli (Well New Delhi) was quite nice to walk around looking for things to buy. We both brought some sandals and then some books before returning back to Ringo’s. We then got Debs mummy to phone and found out we were flying to Thailand tonight! This caused a stir and we then went shopping again due to the fact that we had just changed lots of money. I brought some light cotton clothes and a nice pair of raybans! We returned and I spoke to my parents. We packed and then got a ricksaw to the airport. We checked in and went through to the lounge and waited. When we were just about to get on the plane we met James and Joey again. We got on the plane and met Charlotte and we managed to get her to swop with the person next to us. the flight was only 3 hours long. I read for a while and then fell asleep for a while!

Corbett -> Dehli

Again we were up at 5am. We managed to get a morning ride with a different elephant than before and went for a stroll in the jungle but again we didn’t see a tiger which depressed me. We returned had breakfast and then packed. We were lucky in how we got out the park. The ranger Dhani offered to take us by jeep so I suppose that was lucky! Anyway we got to Ramnager and with the help of the other guide who was also going to Dehli we got on a bus. The bus journey was a nightmare and when we got to Dehli the driver got stopped by the police and booked but he still had to take us to our stop. We arrived at Ring’s got a room and had a much needed shower. We then went out for dinner at Nurilas fast food bar (an Indian fast food shop which was quite amusing) and then returned and collapsed due to being knackered and having a long day!

Corbett National Park (All day!!)

Again woke up at 5am and got ready to go out into the park. It was the best time to go out as the air was cool and pleasant. We couldn’t get on the elephants so we were persuaded to go out on jeep again. The scenery smells, sounds were just amazing. We saw lots of wild elephants, deer etc but again no tigers. Maybe tigers knew something I don’t we returned about 3 hours later and had breakfast and then went back to sleep until midday. We both got up and walked down to the watch tower we saw birds and wild elephants at a distance. I returned with Geoff and played my guitar while Debs stayed in the tower. We then went on another elephant and saw exactly the same things as before and no tiger but as per usual everyone saw one apart from Debs and me. We returned had dinner and went to bed early hopeful for the next day.

Corbett National Park

Woke up about 5am and woke Debs up for a change! We were going for a morning walk but decided to take a jeep ride on the chance of seeing a tiger. It was really spectacular. The scenery and sounds were breathtaking. We saw lots of animals, mainly elephants and deer things but no tigers. We returned and had breakfast and then read for a while in the library. After which I went back and played chess with Geof a guy from New Zealand. This lasted about 1 1/2 hours ands then we went out on an Elephant which was good fun. But alas we didn’t see a tiger but we did see lots of wild elephants, deer and monkeys plus birds. We got back in one piece and we had dinner which was good before sitting out on the porch talking to Geoff and a Canadian we met. We eventually turned in about 11.30pm absolutely knackered.