In a plane -> Home

After take off we sat staring at the screen and eventually the TV came on it was the Simpson’s. When that was finished we tried to sleep as all the cabin lights went off as we flew into the night. Some time later Debs and I stirred we had been flying for 8 hours which meant only a few more4 to go before we got back to sunny England. What seemed like ages breakfast arrived and a film came on. We both watched that and when it had finished there was only 1/2 hour to go. We both felt a bit nervous as we had not seen our parents for 3 months. Half an hour later we had landed and went through passport control and then collected our bags. We put all our stuff on a trolley and went cleanly through customs. (Lucky Debs had the bomb well!) As we walked out into the arrival hall Debs Dad spotted us and pulled us over. It was nice to see them but no Mum or Luce. We talked for a while and 15 minutes later I spotted them. It was good to see them again. We talked for a while and then we said bye to Charlotte as Tom had arrived. We then left the airport. I went with Luce and Mum back to Debs house. Chris cooked us all breakfast and it was great. I showed some of the photo’s and then we went back home. It was strange being back and the kitchen had changed. I walked around for a while and then Lucy took me out to get a stereo. We popped into see Alex and then went home. I had dinner and then went down the One Oak to see the boys. (Neil, Steve, Matt) and then Tim, Dave and everyone else. After a few pints I nearly fell asleep. I was taken home by Tim and collapsed into bed and fell asleep alone….What an experience!!!

Kuta -> Bangkok

Woke up early and bounced out of bed. ~We walked up the road to the restaurant and had porridge and tea. We were again hassled into stuff but he was told to go away. We then went back and got our beach gear. We walked down to the beach, and had time laying there. Giles and I went for a dip but the waves were not strong as last time. Giles and Charlotte went off to have breakfast and Debs and I lay in the sun reading for a while longer. We then went back to our room and had a shower and finished packing. We left the room paid for it and went for lunch up the road. Following that we got a mini bus to take us to the airport for 8000. Once we were there Giles left us for the domestic terminal and we sat around the check in area playing scrabble while we waited for the check in time to arrive. When it did we said goodbye to our luggage and moved to the departure lounge. The flight to Bangkok was not too bad and we arrive 3 1/2 hours later. We transferred to the transfer desk and picked our tickets up. We then sat around for hours reading, playing cards, eating, cheese and crisp sandwiches and staring Indians out. (Wow brought back memories of being in India) Eventually our flight came up and then a little while later the gate number. We then walked to our gate and watched TV while we waited to board. And again after another wait we boarded the plane. My seat was duplicated and had to move away from Debs bit it soon got fixed and sat next to her and we then took off.


Well we both woke up with slight hangovers. I managed to get up and head down the supermarket to get some water and paracetemol as she was and to get out of bed. We then got ready and walked up the road to have a good breakfast we then wandered through Kuta looking for sarongs to buy! I bought some more kinky trousers and then we walked back towards our room. We stopped at a sarong place and managed to get 6 to 36 thousand which was a really good deal. We returned to our room and dumped the shopping off. We then walked to McDonalds for lunch and then went to get some bread and batteries. We again walked back to our room and got out beach gear ready. We hit the beach and the sea. The waves were really big and we both had fun diving and being stupid in the sea. Giles made a guest appearance for a while and then went back and had a shower. We then spent a while packing our stuff and playing cards. Giles and Charlotte turned up and we went out to dinner and watched a film. Dinner was good but the film was far too cheesy. Giles and Charlotte went back to their room and Debs and I stayed for a while before returning to our room. She then left to say goodnight to Charlotte. Debs and I read for a while and then went to sleep excited that we were going home tomorrow.

Ubud -> Kuta

Woke up a couple of times as I needed to go to the toilet and then slept to 8.30am. We well Debs got me a cup of tea and ordered breakfast for us. We ate that and continued to pack the rest of our stuff up. We then left our homestead and walked down the road to catch a demo to take us straight to Kuta. Once we were there Debs and I left our gear with Giles and Charlotte while we looked for rooms. We found two rooms round the corner from each other. We then got our stuff and dumped it back at the room. We then went for lunch at the pizza place. Afterwards we went and got our beach stuff together and then walked to the beach. The sea was great and caused Debs bikini to fly off due to the waves. WE spent the afternoon here and early evening we returned to our room to get ready to go out. We walked to the pizza place and had a few beers. We then moved to the chilling as Bob Dylan bar and ate dinner. We then took a long walk through Kuta to the Bounty. It was empty but as soon as happy hour came about it soon filled up. We drunk some more and then hit the dance. Debs and I went into dotty dancing much to the surprise of Charlotte. It was a good night out. We left later on and walked down the road to McDonalds followed by a stagger home. As soon as we got to our room we then passed out.