Another year older……

It’s funny really, getting older, wiser, more experienced and in my case…..stupider! lol Man, what a messy evening Friday was. Managed to email 75 people to see if they were free for an evening of amusement in Guildford and 25 odd people came out (to drink that is). The evening started out well at the Weyside, drinking several flagons of ale before traipsing off to RSVP (which was empty for once)…..this meant another trip to the wonderfully exciting Voodoo Lounge and the Drink. An expensive beer drinking / dancing / talking crap to various people time later and the inevitable dribble spouting ride back in the taxi the evening was over. The next day the casualty list increased as various levels of hangovers kicked in……mine was especially fun….. man I’m getting too old for this shit. đŸ™‚ I’d like to say a special thanks to all those that came out and enjoyed the messy occasion. To those of you that didn’t make it……get your arses in gear for the next exciting evening out adventure coming to a town near you……..

Little person experience

Mmmm, my first experience with Kathryn and the park! In a vain attempt to feed the ducks, Kathryn decided that the bread intended for the ducks would be better put to use in her mouth. Ahh, poor hungry ducks. Still at least running around chasing her is classed as exercise. Mmm, don’t know if I could handle a whole day without training! I think perhaps Luce will read this and take it upon herself to educate me in the art of looking after little people!

Drinking with Ed….

…..hurts the next day! Man, that’s got to be one of the worst hangovers yet. I mean I didn’t get out of bed until around 4pm. Still, it was an amusing night for what I can remember. The celebrations were for Mr Scott’s 31st birthday which from the picture above I believe he was enjoying, although James doesn’t look impressed.I think Ed should come with a public health warning or perhaps I should learn from my mistakes…….nah life would be fun now wouldn’t it! Damm should have got a picture of Ed’s new handbag……..