Pimpilala (Delfini)

Woke early with the muffled sound of running water (due to wearing earplugs) and then got up. We all met up for breakfast which consisted of egg and plantain plus thick coffee. Afterwards we were all sorted for wearing wellies for our trek into the jungle. The “ involved lots of walking in the stream near Delfini House and we were led by Rolando and Eddie. They brought rope as we had some interesting waterfalls to climb Pheebs and I had a waterfall shower and I nearly lost my sunglasses. However Rolando managed to dive into the rock pool to recover them. From there we continued (albeit soaking wet) further up the mountain with further climbing experiences on other waterfalls. Eventually we wandered back to Delfini to have lunch. After lunch we got booted again and wandered around with Delfin who showed us the various forest jungle plants and their uses in their daily lives. I even managed to climb a tree using one which Delfin made! After wandering around we found a vista overlooking a river (and saw a large fire ant) before heading back to camp. From there we got cleaned up for dinner. After dinner Delfin explained about the role of a shower and performed various ceremonies on folks from our group. We then learnt about Quidina Marriage Ceremony and the girl’s had to dance including Pheebs! After that we headed to bed.

Papallacta to Pimpilala (Delfini)

We got up and had breakfast with Carlos and then met up with the rest of the group before catching a truck ride down to the bus stop, from there we caught a bus ride to Tena where we wandered around for a while before finding a Pizza place for a coke and a Pizza (which took ages to arrive). After we stuffed our faces. We caught a truck to Delfini a place in the Jungle and shown our cabins (which were very odd). We then wandered around a nearby pool and then shown Delfini’s new house before settling down for dinner. After dinner we talked to the family, played cards and wrote a diary entry. You could hear the sounds of the jungle and the river! It was also pitch dark! Going to the toilet in the dark is going to be fun!

Quito to Papallacta

We got up after a nights sleep (I’ll say nights sleep because I had a good night but Pheebs did not) and headed down to breakfast where we met some of our travelling companions. After breakfast Pheebs and I headed out for a wander around Quito to the park and then
found a coffee place (Magic Bean) for a quick drink and a quick snack. We then headed back to pack and then catch the truck to the bus station with our fellow travellers (and Carlos). The bus journey was OK and we eventually made it to Papallacta via another truck ride and then made our way to our chalet. We then jumped into our swimming stuff and hit the hot springs! Pheebs and I stayed in the hot springs for 30 – 40 mins before turning into prunes! We got out and got dressed before meeting everyone else for dinner. After dinner, we all went to bed for a good night’s sleep (well I did anyway), this was Pheebs worst night so far pretty high up and she felt it with her breathing! In fact she ended up playing patience on her phone all night.

London to Quito

Pheebs and I embarked on our month’s trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos by leaving Basingstoke on a coach, destination Heathrow and a hotel for the night. The reason was because it was New Year’s eve and we had to catch the 7.25am flight to Madrid and then Quito. We managed to get there in one piece and have some food before hitting the sack for some sleep. Several hours later the alarm went off and we got up to catch the bus to the Airport. From there we caught a plane to Madrid (2 hours) where we waited for an hour before catching a 12 hour flight to Quito. The flight was bearable with people asking me where their seats were, who was in the toilet and standing in front of the TV whilst we were watching a film! Once we got there we got a taxi to the hotel where we met our tour leader Carlos and the rest of the group. We sorted stuff out for the tour and Pheebs and I headed to bed for a much needed sleep, although Pheebs did not really sleep, due to the high altitude.