Zoo Keeping


Pheebs and I have just spent a couple of days in Cambridgeshire staying at Springfield House B&B where we enjoyed a couple of nights in the country. After a nightmare of avoiding the M25 we eventually made it to the B&B which we just dumped our clothes and headed to the Dog and Duck for some food and a couple of beers. It was very pleasant having dinner as we were serenaded by a live jazz pianist! The next day we got up early to have breakfast and then headed over to Shepreth Wildlife Park as we were being Zookeepers for the day! Shepreth is better than a lot of zoos offering experience tours in that you don’t have to muck out the animals as part of the tour there which means more time with the animals. Whilst we were on our zookeeper experience we also got filmed by Jake Willers (whose family own the wildlife park) as they wanted some footage of people being zookeepers for their website which was fun. The whole day went far too quickly but I think our favorite highlights of the day were flying birds of prey, feeding the leemers (pheeb’s favorite), feeding the meercats and playing with the otters (my favorite!).


After we got back, we got cleaned up (after being covered in various animal food) and then headed out to The Crown for food and drink. 😉