Welcome 2006 - The New Year Begins

My god another year been and gone and I’m not getting any younger……..well I’m maturing with age some my say! 🙂 Still bit of a different one this year coz I was working nights from boxing day. Kinda strange but I suppose it was something new. Still the champagne helped at midnight. Again it was a bit of a bugger attempting to text people coz the network was jammed with every other tom dick and harry texting also!


So, I guess I’m supposed to make new years resolutions…..well I haven’t exactly done that but do have several plans to tackle:

  • Sell the boat
  • Sort the band out and finally gig
  • Attempt to put together a demo EP
  • Find a really interesting girlfriend (Blonde would help but definitely going for the younger model again….it’s seems the way forward……even ex’s are going for that plan! lol), but then again perhaps it’s best left to fate! 🙂
  • Take a euro trip
  • Perfect my boarding
  • See the northern lights
  • Find something else crazy to do

I hope everyone else manages to sort themselves out for whatever New Years resolutions they’ve made. I’m sure this years going to be a corker and a least a couple of weddings to attend! Should be interesting going over to Ireland for Kate and James wedding, as I’ve never been. Let’s hope the Guinness lives up to it’s name!

Happy New Year to all new and old!