Walking up mountains.....

Twas the weekend of the 8th October that a load of us from work travelled up to the Brecons to stay in the fantastic Llwynin Farmhouse near Sennybridge before our weekend of walking. Well the friday evening turned into small drinking session which lasted into the early hours of the morning. Still the outside fire and the swings proved hours of fun! The next day following a hearty breakfast thanks to the chefs we drove out to the national park to meet the others. Once complete we started the long hike which was hard to start with following the session last night. Once at the first peak we chilled before heading off to the next.

The weather wasn’t exactly nice to us as you can see from the picture but with a good crowd and a man selling the big issue (the one in green…and we know who you are!) it was good to get that far………..then another decent and climb we made it to the next peak. Most of us had had enough so we headed back via the burger van before making our way back to the farmhouse. A good shower later, the tabletennis tournament took place (it’s amazing what gets found in old barns!) with the added bonus of wine! More
alcohol took it’s toll and again lasted into the early hours of the morning.

Now the next day was supposed to be a gentle walk but turned into a long one! 🙂 Still the view of the waterfall at the end was worth it, especially walking behind it!Still the sleep once I got home was also a welcome sight, although getting up the next day I had trouble walking, damm I need to get a lot fitter before the 3 peaks next year…….gulp! 🙂