Udaipur -> Ahmedabad

Woke up got changed and headed up to the roof for breakfast. After which we headed up to the palace. The place was quite nice and large (couldn’t think of a good word!) Walked around the main palace and the Queens palace which had 1922 Rolls Royce of which I had to take a picture (just for Steve and Neil!) After which we walked around the city museum. There was a stuffed tiger on display and it was one huge big pussy cat. Maybe I can bring a real one home for mum) After that we decided on a boat trip around the lake which stopped on an Island and much to my annoyance I had to make a rushed toilet visit (lucky it had one). but it didn’t flush but luckily had some toilet paper). After that we walked back to our room washed and had dinner on the roof before paying (not with out an outburst for Debs) and getting a ricksaw to the bus where we were entertained on another overnight bus journey to Ahmedabad which we arrived at 5am.