Woke up with a hangover. Debs was actually nice to me, which is surprising as she never usually gives sympathy. Anyway laid around moaning and eventually got up visited the look and had a cold shower which woke me up. I managed to eat a small amount of breakfast and w while later we all walked to the monkey forest. the monkeys were not bothered about us looking at them and they were having a fun time playing and jumping around. We lost Giles whilst walking up to the restaurant. We had some lunch and the view over the rice paddies was excellent. From here we walked back to our guest house via some art and craft shops. I had a two hour nap and was awoken by Debs as we were going to the Kechek dance. We were picked up and taken to the village of Bono. The dance was excellent especially when they set fire to some coconut shells and a dancer kicked all the embers around. We got a minibus back and met Giles who missed us. Cause he had hired a motorbike and had gone adventuring. We ate in a small restaurant near to our guest house and the food was good. We then walked back and relaxed went to bed early…..Smiley face Whoops