Ubud -> Tirta

The alarm did not go off as we ere both awake at 8.00am. We got up via a cup of tea and ordered breakfast. We packed and eventually breakfast came. After breakfast we completed packing and then sat around waiting for Giles and Charlotte. When we were all ready we set off and Paul came with us as he was going to the bus (bemo) station. Luckily enough a bemo in the direction of Penelohan took us on a 2o minute journey to another bus depot which would take us directly to the town of Penelohan near Mountain of Batu. When we got there (with a little help from a guy called “Froggy” we then got a local van to the small village of Tira which is at the foot of Mount Baku and overlooks the Lake Bahu. We were dropped in the Under the volcano homestead. We got a room and then had lunch before Debs and I went on a little walk just to scope things out. We returned and played scrabble while we waited for Giles and Charlotte to turn up as they also had gone for a walk. We sat around for a while and at evening time we went to dinner and then came back and relaxed before curling up and going to sleep….Happy face