Ubud -> Kuta

Woke up a couple of times as I needed to go to the toilet and then slept to 8.30am. We well Debs got me a cup of tea and ordered breakfast for us. We ate that and continued to pack the rest of our stuff up. We then left our homestead and walked down the road to catch a demo to take us straight to Kuta. Once we were there Debs and I left our gear with Giles and Charlotte while we looked for rooms. We found two rooms round the corner from each other. We then got our stuff and dumped it back at the room. We then went for lunch at the pizza place. Afterwards we went and got our beach stuff together and then walked to the beach. The sea was great and caused Debs bikini to fly off due to the waves. WE spent the afternoon here and early evening we returned to our room to get ready to go out. We walked to the pizza place and had a few beers. We then moved to the chilling as Bob Dylan bar and ate dinner. We then took a long walk through Kuta to the Bounty. It was empty but as soon as happy hour came about it soon filled up. We drunk some more and then hit the dance. Debs and I went into dotty dancing much to the surprise of Charlotte. It was a good night out. We left later on and walked down the road to McDonalds followed by a stagger home. As soon as we got to our room we then passed out.