Woke up with smiley face who then got up and made the tea. After a civilised tea in bed the only thing missing was the paper. After that Debs ordered breakfast which we ate quite quickly. We then bumped into Giles and Charlotte. We all walked to the post office to see if Debs had anymore mail of which the outcome was none! We then went to the bank where I got Charlotte some money after which we split up. Debs and I spent the morning walking around looking for stuff to buy as presents. We also went into the market and brought a cheap bag. We then walked back via the supermarket back to our room and dumped the bag off. It was then a trip to Pewa Warung for that all important cheap meal which of course was good. Afterwards we relaxed by our room. Giles and Charlotte went to the swimming pool while Debs and I walked around Ubud getting presents for Debs folk. We stopped for an ice cream and then walked to the post office and phoned home. After which we returned to our room. We played scrabble for the rest of the afternoon. Evening time Giles and Charlotte went off to see the barong dance. We chilled and then went out to dinner up the road. We then walked back to our room and after a brief visit from Charlotte and Giles we went to sleep.