Had a really nice sleep in a comfortable bed. Got up and got the tea (under command!) Ordered breakfast and ate that (cause it was well nice) After breakfast we got ready to go out to the Kantor Pos (Post Office) to collect some letters sent from home. We sat and read those outside on the step. We then walked to the bank where I used the magic of plastic. We then spent the rest of the morning looking for presents to buy the rest of the family this included a coffee and chocolate cake shop. We then walked back to our room and met Charlotte and Giles. We then went to lunch at our cheap place up the road. Afterwards we went out again and started buying pressys. I brought a mask for Dad and a wind chime for Nan and Mum. Debs and I brought a man for James. After our first shopping spree we went back and rested. We then went back out. Giles and I went back to the blowpipe man and I got one. We then went to the supermarket I got loads of joss sticks and Samoa spicy sauce. We returned to our rooms we all chilled for a while and then again Giles and I returned to the supermarket where I got some fags for everyone else back at home and some Bali coffee for M & D. Back at the room later I played guitar. We then all went out to a cheap place (Dewa Warang) for dinner. After that we went back and played scrabble whilst Giles played guitar. Afterwards I played the guitar followed by Giles and Charlotte going to bed. We sat up for a while before turning in.