Woke up at 8.00am laid in bed till about 8.20am and got up ordered some breakfast and ate that. Managed to hire some bikes for 3000 rups and set off down the road. We eventually after a few misjudgements made it to the Elephant (Goa Godeh) caves which after all that effort really was not that much to look at. The cave itself was a T shape with some other holes in the cave walls. After the brief look at this we attempted a tour of the surrounding area and bumped into this man who took us on a guided tour of the temples in the area (Yeh Pulu) which lasted a while. After walking back he wanted us to give him some money. Charlotte gave him a 1000rups for his trouble! We then cycled back to some other temples before cycling back to meet Giles. We all had lunch together and after a short game of scrabble Debs and I cycled off on a long ride to the small village of Petula which was the home of thousands of white herons. The 7km cycle ride there was very pleasant which took us through small villages and towns via paddy fields and lush green forests. We waited about an hour before we saw any large groups of herons coming to nest in there trees but neither the less it was quite an amazing sight. After seeing that we cycled back which was easier due to rest of the journey being downhill. After about 40 minutes we arrived back in Ubud and went to the supermarket to get some dinner and supplies. We returned tired and had noodles and beer before talking to Paul and the rest. After which we returned to our room for a lay down. (While I wrote this anyway) from then I progressed into a deep sleep……..Happy face Night night Eric