Woke up and lay around for a bit. Debs got up and made some tea. After I got up I had some breakfast and continued to read my book the Marabou Stork Nightmares which was a bit weird but still quite good. Debs and Charlotte went out and Giles drove off on his motorbike. After I finished reading the book I went to catch a bite to eat with Paul. After eating we went to the supermarket to get some supplies and then back to our rooms. Paul and I sat drank tea and played chess (I lost both counts) until about 4 when Giles reappeared. Talked to him for a while and then Debs and Charlotte came back and I had an afternoon nap. When I had awoken we all played scrabble in the seated area and then Debs and I ate some noodles for dinner while Charlotte and Giles went out for a drink. We both went to bed early.