Up around 9am to have breakfast and chill for a while. Pheebs tummy wasn’t too hot this morning and mine a little rumbly too. By noon it was time to head to the Cesiak office next door for our sunset tour of the biosphere nature reserve. We got taken in a van to the reserve and picked up some other passengers on the way before stopping for a dip, via a stepping stone path, in an open cenote which was very cool. The water temp was very nice and the water crystal clear. Once finished we moved further into the reserve to the Cesiak base where we sorted ourselves out. We were given a quick chat on the Mayan trading routes and then had a brief nature talk. We were then led through the jungle to reach our boat on which we boarded for 3 hours. We saw an impressive number of really cool birds including pelicans, herons, ospreys and ibis’, and mangrove vegetation. The tour guide was excellent and we sped back just before darkness having seen a beautiful sunset. Once back at the base we had amazing fish, rice and veg for dinner. We then drove home avoiding all of the crabs trying to get to the sea to lay their eggs, sadly led by the moon across all of the manmade roads, resorts etc. Hundreds get killed, their big too! We finished the evening off with a couple of civilised drinks.