Woke up at about 7.15am and snoozed for another hour. Laid in bed until about 8.45am and then got dressed. Debs and I wandered over to the restaurant for our free breakfast. After that we got some food and water and then went on a walk to the next village. About an hour later we passed through the village of Songan where a man greeted us and then followed us until we reached the temple. We sat for a while and the man was puzzled by the compass I produced it took a while to explain it. It was the first time he had seen one. After that we were going to walk back the way we had come but we were persuaded to take a walk right next to the lake. Half an hour later we decided to go back on the main road and he pointed the way. Just as we were leaving he (as per usual) wanted us to give him some money but alas after being used to people attempting to get money from him we escaped . When we got back it was lunchtime and we had lunch in a homestead across the road from us. After lunch we went for another walk near the mountain and slept for the afternoon. When we awoke we got ready to have some dinner. after dinner we played scrabble and then went to bed, as we had to be up at 3.30am…….Debbie’s Birthday!…..Guess whose 22!….Old person!