Tirta -> Lovina

Awoke to another day and another year. We got up early as I wanted to make it to the beach for my birthday. So we packed our remaining stuff and waited on the roadside for a bemo. It didn’t take us long waiting before a bemo came and took us to Peneloban from where we got another bemo to Kintermani. By change a bus drove through with the destination of Lovina which we got on. The bus journey was ok as it drove down all the windy roads of the mountains. The majority of the locals spent most of the time being sick into little plastic bags. They were “bloody” disgusting, especially the people who made a mess on Giles bags and shoes. He was not amused! About an hour and a half later we made it. As soon as we got off the bus we were hoarded by people wanting to give us accommodation. We chose the one who was wearing a dive T-shirt. The place was quite nice. We had lunch and then I walked up to Spice Drive and talked to an American who ran the place. I got on a PADI course for $200. We then had an afternoon on the beach and then I phoned M & D. Walked back to Spice Dive and confirmed my course. After Debs and I came back we went out to dinner and made it to happy hour. After a few beers we ordered some starters (garlic bread and prawn crackers). We then ordered main course. Debs and I had spaghetti carborana which was well nice, followed by ice cream for me and fried banana for Debs! Afterwards we all went for a walk on the beach and the night sky was clear. The sight was amazing and it was a shame not to be able to take a picture. We walked back and Debs and I went to bed. It was an interesting birthday.