The Undecided are back!

Finally The Undecided are back practicing again after a short break. We’ve moved to a new rehearsal studios which is based in Merrow Guildford called Silent Hill Studios and makes a nice change to The Rooms as it’s only just started out. The studios were well equiped and the proprieter Julian very helpful in sorting things out. We also see the welcomed return of the drummer John Foster to the clan which was good! We started off with are usual warm up of Weather with you, followed by an interesting rendition of Ticket to Ride …..however the vocals are really high so I think we’re going to leave that one alone for a while. Hard to handle is always a good number followed by Under the Brigde, Ordinary World, Teenage Kicks, Sweet Home Alabama, Ordinary World, If I Can’t Change Your Mind, Fire and the unmistakeable Are you gonna go my way. Still wasn’t a bad practice although we managed to sweat out a couple of pints as the room was quite warm…….can’t wait until next week when we can attempt a rendition of Enter Sandman! Yay…..rock on!