The shed that looks more like a shed

The Shed Door
So after actually building the shed door using tongue & groove floor board with cross batons on the back and then painting a couple of times it was ready to be finally hung on the shed. Using some hinges I managed to fit it on but only to find that it didn’t quite fit as expected due to me adding additional width to the door frame. However that wasn’t too much hassle to use Dad’s jigsaw and plane to remove the excess which then allowed the door to work. 🙂 Once on, I then fitted a lock and then moved onto fitting a couple of shelves to make use of the upper space in the shed.
Inside the shed
It’s amazing what you can do with space if you have a little think. We’re going to have to make all the use of the space in the entire house once Pheeb’s moves in. Right, onto the next job….