The Payphone Project

I was listening to Radio 4 last week and was intrigued by the discussion on the Payphone Project. The original intention of the Payphone Project was to promote random contacts among complete strangers but as Mark Thomas says on the Payphone Project FAQ not all phones accept incoming calls.

Still it was amusing to hear the radio host phone up random phone boxes in London and talk to who ever answered. Some people seemed happy to talk to complete strangers and other were a little reluctant at first but soon warmed up to the presenter once they worked out that he wasn’t weird. People I’ve talked to at work say this seems a little weird phoning up and talking to complete strangers but we seem to do it quite a lot anyway but under the disguise of the internet. Go on find a number on the website and phone some complete stranger up and talk……….as BT said it’s good to talk (but then again they make money out of it!) 🙂