The Oxford adventure.....

Ah, Oxford where some of the clever people go to college and enjoy the year long tradition of healthy competition on boats with Cambridge. However that wasn’t the idea, as this weekend Pheebs and I were going to meet some of her Univercity friends for a healthy dose of pub crawling and some Oxford punting. However what they don’t tell you is although punting is very enjoyable it’s quite hard work when your the poor sod with the punt. Originally, the flat-bottomed craft were used for moving heavy cargo but pleasure seekers quickly moved in on the scene however now a days people use them as a cheap and effective method of pub crawling…. 🙂


What is punting?

Punting is the term used to describe the art of cruising along in a flat-bottomed boat. A person will stand at the back with a long pole which they grip with both hands, lower into the water and push on the bottom of the river bed, before pulling it back out. The pole can also be used to steer the boat. The punter lowers part of it into the water, then pulls it to the right to steer right, and left to steer left.

What is pub crawling?

The art of travelling from pub to pub drinking copious amounts of beer without falling over and whilst still maintaining an interesting and intellectual conversation with your fellow drinkers or anybody that will talk to you.

Still punting around made me thirsty so I had to recover with several beers… 🙂

If I ever get some pictures I’ll post them here!