The continuning adventures of Henry

Henry has always been a source of amusement and none so more than last nights episode. Pheebs and I were quite happily about to embark on our own food journey when Henry shot in the cat flap with something in his mouth. He then proceeded to deposit the said “something in his month” onto our cream rug, which on further inspection turned out to be a half chewed rabbit leg including fur. When we gently persuaded Henry to part with his find he wasn’t particularly happy about it. Once we removed the leg and placed in the rubbish bin he was so distraught with not having this extra item that he shot out the cat flap again. A short while later he returned with another piece of Rabbit carcass and again wanted to devour the item on our creme rug. Again we robbed him of his find and again he disappeared out of the cat flap and into the night. On his return he thought he’d be sneaky and attempt to each the second rabbit leg outside the back door but seeing as none of the pieces looked that fresh we removed it from him…..again. Thankfully we guessed he’d cleared out the last of the rabbit leftovers as he managed to stay put in the house. Ah, the trials and tribulations of owning a cat……. ;).