Taking the black

Tony, Craig and myself - mission complete

This weekend has possibly been the toughest one for a while with 7 1/2 hours of Karate training over 3 days and grading for 1st Dan (which I passed) at the SSKA Summer Camp in Bournemouth. I’ve been to hard warmups before but the ones on Friday morning and afternoon were sweat inducing to the max. I think 99% of the time I had a small pond forming underneath me. As well as my grading for 1st Dan, my friend Tony went for his 2nd Dan and also passed, so congratulations all round. I’ve no idea of the state I’m going to be in tomorrow so let’s hope I’ve not seized up tomorrow morning. Many thanks go to all the folks who we trained with and helped iron out improving my techniques prior to the grading. 😉 At least I’ve got some breathing space for going for 2nd Dan which if all goes to plan will happen in 2 years time assuming I’ve got the energy for that! 😉