Taking the bird to Birdworld

Pheebs and her tub of milworms

Oh yes, I took my bird (tee hee, pun intended) to Birdworld over Farnham way as we both had a day off work which was cool. Wandered around a fairly quiet site seeing the various birds with our bag of birdseed and tub of dried milworms. Pheebs spent most of the time talking to her feathered friends and feeding them the worms.


My favorite animal experience for the day were the Ferrets and I’m quite tempted once I’ve got the house sorted to either get one of these little fellas or a cat. I suspect the cat would be easier and less maintenance but they certainly seem to have quite a lively personality!

Lop Eared Baby Bunny

The other cute soft furry animals that were around were these baby Lop Eared rabbits who were allowed out and handled by the public at certain times! Aww, fluffy bunny…….