Still in Delhi

Did not sleep much, quite hard to sleep due to strange surroundings. Anyway woke up and were going to go to Agra but no trains on Sunday. Decide to take a walk around town with Scott and Sarah (two Aussie people) and the other two English blokes that we met on the plane. It was a particularly interesting walk as every Tuletuk drivers wants to take you wherever you want to go. Tuletuk are motor bikes with passenger compartments at the back. Anyway it was amusing to start but became annoying. Entering the station at the back was a bad idea we got surrounded by beggars and other people trying to get money for one reason or another. Anyway we escaped and exited the station by the front entrance and proceeded to a travel office in order to get a bus to Agra. After paying half the fare we proceeded back to the hotel where we sat on the roof talking with our new travelling companions, after which we played cards for a while and then went to sleep.