Somewhere towards Delhi

Woke up with a flask of coffee in my face! It was about seven and it was quite interesting night’s sleep. I slept on the bottom bunk while Debs was on top! We were then served breakfast consisting of egg(with spice!) and toast which wasn’t too bad! We then sat around playing cards and staring out of the window. Again after an unknown time lunch arrived with more coffee. The train ride wasn’t boring but then again there wasn’t much to do. I did however write a letter and 13 postcards that evening though! The sights of India were nice to look at while we sat in the cool comfort of the AC sleep car. Dinner arrived sometime later again and then we played cards again before going to bed. The only problem was the strange case of my disappearing pillow which was well weird! Anyway I had a blanket to lean on. We went to bed quite early and again the train went on closer to Delhi.