Snowboarding in Meribel

Andy on the mountain
Just come back from a weeks holiday in Meribel part of the 3 Valleys in France. The week started very well with lots of energy for boarding around with everyone in the group. This however deteriorated during the week as boarding for 6 odd hours a day does eventually take its toll on ones body! 🙂 This week I was hoping to do the 3 valleys challenge which basically involved boarding or skiing around to certain locations around the 3 valleys getting stamps all in one day but again I didn’t have the energy to complete……perhaps next time! However, I did want to make it over to Val Thorens and the Pointe De Bouchet at 3230m above sea level on a glacier. I’m glad Rupert, David and myself managed to make it on the last day as the view from the top was spectacular. I however did loose a binding bolt on the way over and had to improvise with a makeshift bolt using a broken d clip. I suppose I really should check my bindings everyday and also carry spares……oh hum the makeshift bolt managed to hold down the black and red runs… 🙂 Let’s hope my wife to be will allow for another trip next year….. 🙂