Snowboarding in La Plagne

Just got back from a week in La Plagne 1800 snowboarding and it’s been fun time had by all. I personally managed to get back in one piece without breaking anything unlike poor Tiian (hopefully we’ll see him again next year but this time he’ll be wearing armor!). Spent the week on my new board and bindings attempting to get used to them although I wasn’t as quick as I was last year. I guess the highlight this year was going on an off piest adventure and surviving. Climbing up to the top of a very high mountain, shimming around the glacier narrowly avoiding sudden death before getting to the powder was worth it in the end. However the trip through the forest and the thin path of doom wasn’t especially with my habit of aiming for trees……ouch. Still when we finally got back to the chalet the beer was worth it. A big thanks to Jeni for sorting it all out and I’ll post the details of all the photo’s when I get them. Looking forward to seeing everyone again in the summer for a few cold ones…… 🙂 Happy Boarding…….