Pheebs and I woke up reasonably refreshed. We got dressed and then met the others for breakfast. After which we all got on a truck and headed down the road (50 mins) to pick up a motorised canoe to take us up river to an animal rescue centre. That took 30 mins to get there where we had a guided tour of the centre. They actually rescue injured animals and experts treat them and then attempt to release them back into the wild. Pheebs really liked the tree squirrel monkeys who were very dinky and roamed free about the place. Lucky we did not hang around too long as they do like to explore people! We also saw small turtles,a small camen, cappochin and some large elusive cats (forgot the name). From there we got the canoe back to the truck and then back to the hotel for lunch. After lunch we got ready tubing (Pheebs, Rachael, Jennifer, Sarah and myself) and were led by Pedro. The only bad thing was walking down the 400 steps to the river. From there we floated down going through various rapids before being picked up by a bridge and taken back to the hotel. It was fun but got a little cold at the end. Once I got back we had a hot shower before beer time! After dinner we did some Salsa in the bar for quite a while before heading to bed ready for our next travelling day.