Woke up feeling cold and aching, laid in for a while but managed to get up and go to breakfast. Had toast and an omelette with tea and said goodbye to the ozzy’s By now I felt a little bit better. We then went to find Charlotte and Giles at some dodgy hotel place. They were just about to leave when we turned up. We all tried a better place up the road and got some rooms. By now I did not feel too good and waited with Giles while Debs and Charlotte went to get Deb’s and my stuff. I collapsed in the room and had a little snooze and eventually they came back. I could not stay in bed so Debs and I went to the supermarket to get some food and leaving I began to feel really rough, having my whole body aching. I changed some money and managed to crawl back. The rest of the afternoon was horrible. I sent Debs out to find the doctor and I nearly flipped cause I was so hot, but I calmed down using some cold water. The doctor was really nice and prodded me and other things that doctor’s do. He said that I had a bad fever as my temperature was 102oF. He gave me some antibiotics so it would stop the fever and told me to drink lots and take it easy. I paid him using dad’s card (well that’s what medical insurance is for!) and he even gave me a lift back (and nurse Debs) to our rooms. I spent the remainder of the day drinking water and pooping paracetomal and relaxing. Debs went to the supermarket again to get some noodle things and we ate them for dinner. Deb’s tried to phone home but there was no answer at her house or mine. Well not the best day for me but hopefully I shall feel better tomorrow. PS. Debs would make an excellent nurse –well she did look after me!