Sengiggi -> Gili Trawangan

Got out of bed at 8am and still felt pooh! Finished some last minute packing and left our hut. We met Giles and Charlotte in the happy hour pub. Where we were going to catch the boat to Gili Tiawangan. We ate breakfast and waited for them to sort the boat out.! The waves here were too big so we were driven down the road and boarded there. The trip only took an hour and the views of Lombok were really nice from the sea. When we got there we were mugged by people with accommodation but a short pony and trap ride later we still had not found a place! Debs and I walked around the Island while Giles and Charlotte waited with our bags. We could not find a cheap place so we came back and I had a drink. After a while we eventually walked up the road and found them and a room. It was well basic but it was only 10,000 with breakfast! We walked up the road for dinner and came back to our room/hut very tired. I went straight to sleep it was a good night’s sleep and one that was deserved.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Happy face