Did not sleep well due to feeling poorly, but we had no more rat business. We got ready and went for breakfast up the road. after that we went to the beach but that did not last long as the pervy Indonesians were taking pictures of Debs. We left after that because Debs was upset. We went to the supermarket to get some good for lunch and then played scrabble for the afternoon. At evening time we went to happy hour place and had a beer. afterwards we returned as we were going to the Gill Islands tomorrow. We then walked up the road to a cafĂ© and at some dinner. After filling our tums we walked back to our huts and relaxed. We tried to go to bed early as we had no sleep due to me being ill. And the same thing was to happen again. I’m always the one who gets a cold, cough and a chest infection all at once and while on holiday.