Woke up with Giles banging on the door and Debs and I told him to come back later. I felt really tired after the rat saga. I stayed in bed while Debs Giles and Charlotte went out in the jeep for the morning. I got up and walked up the road to the dive centre and asked about diving on the Gili Islands of which the outcome as I could. Anyway I walked next door and had breakfast and then walked back to our hut and played my guitar while I waited for Debs to return. After that we relaxed for a while and then went down the supermarket to get something for lunch. After munching out we got our stuff together and made our way to the beach through some expensive hotel. We lay on the beach for a while until it was time to go for a swim. The water was cool but the current was quite strong. Eventually Giles and Charlotte met us and we went for a drink by the beach before returning to our hut to cook our noodles for dinner. Afterwards we lay around for a while before walking up the road to use the phone and then back to our huts to bed. (After securing the room from rats).