Eventually woke up and felt somewhat better. Got out of bed and had a shower and shave before getting ready to go out for breakfast. Debs and I walked up the road and met the two Swiss people that we met before coming over on the ferry, anyway we all sat down and had a good breakfast. Giles was walking past on his way to rent a car and we walked back to get ready to go out. We drove around going south and got lost in some country roads. We saw some nice views of paddy fields and lots of local people said hello as we drove past them. Eventually we found some nice gardens and walked around them taking it easy. We left and returned back to our huts via a quick sop off at the supermarket. I had phoned M & D there earlier and now it was Giles turn. We then cooked dinner and chilled in our hut (with my new mozzy coil holder) Debs read the sticky bun story to me and then we attempted to sleep..but we were interrupted there were scratching and squiring noises around the room and when we put the lights out it stopped. Just as the lights went on Debs noticed this thing run outside through a small hole in the wall. We blocked that off and tried to sleep again, but again were interrupted by plastic bag sounds. I used my torch to search the room, and noticed a hole in the mozzy net in the wall. Previously it was blocked with a plastic bag and I saw a huge rat squeeze through the hole. The hut owners had tried to fix the hole but the Pratt had pushed the wire cover away. I blocked it with a pillowcase and tried again it was quite, but only for a while. No sooner as it was quiet the Muslims call to prayer started from the mosques. This lasted a good half an hour. Debs and I were beginning to give up on sleep. We eventually got to sleep about 5.45am. Oh well……..