Sanur -> Ubud

Woke up feeling a bit tired had a shower and decided to go for breakfast. Called on Charlotte and went up the road. A short while later Giles turned up. After everybody had finished we headed back to pack. We left and sat back in the restaurant. We played scrabble whilst we waited for the bus that we brought tickets for. the bus journey to Ubud did not take long. When we got there we were plagued by touts offering places to stay. Charlotte picked one an we headed off. After relaxing for the afternoon. Debs went off for a walk and I had a lie down. Met another bloke called Paul. We all went out to dinner at some doggy restaurant. After that I managed to get through to the Ps and got some gossip about people back at home. After that we all walked back to our rooms. Giles and I drank some more beer and we sat around talking out on our patio thingy. Giles and I were up for hours talking and drinking. I staggered to bed about 2am……Sad face