Sailing with the Little's

Ah, it was good to go down the boat of Friday evening to get things sorted for a weekend of sailing. I needed to get Shearwater out as she hasn’t moved much this year. Anyhow, managed to sort everything out and the batteries had charged well. A good sleep later I found myself awake and ready to tackle the day ahead. Got everything aboard ship shape before Gary, Ruth and little Erin turned up. Gave my usual briefing and we slipped the birth and headed out in the marina channel where we had to wait for a slot to go through the lock (it was supposed to be free flow but something was afoot). After witnessing a very large catamaran smash a hole in it’s hull going through the lock we made our way through the harbor and out into the Solent.
Several hours later we finally made it to Cowes and rafted in one of the many marina’s there. We managed to find a pub still doing food and sat down for a couple of beers and some nosh. However due to all of us being knackered from the days sailing ( Erin fell asleep in the pub! ) we made our way back to the boat for some sleep. The next day we left and made our way back to Chichester and even managed to get the Spinnaker up! Yay. Once back I really started to glow due to being sat in the sun for a while……doh. A clean up operation later we all left and made our way home, you can learn more about it on our next post.

Man, I’m gonna miss that boat when she’s sold. Oh hum, I’ll have to wait a couple of years before getting a motor boat… least I’ve got something to look forward to.