Replacing Bean

With the fact that I couldn’t get anymore storage into my V100 and that it was limited to 120gb IDE disks I thought it was time to upgrade. I’m still awaiting to find out if I can get a work discount on a Sun X2100 but whilst I await some internal politics I thought I’d make use of an old donated PC. However, as I wanted to utilize a couple of SATA II 750Gb drives I needed to get a motherboard that had 1) a sata II interface on, 2) one that worked with Solaris 3) that could use my old P4 CPU and 4) use my old memory. Hey, if I’m gonna get a X2100 then I don’t want to spend lots on a new PC now do I! 🙂 Luckily I ordered an AsRock P4VM900-SATA2 which could meet all my requirements! I then installed Solaris Nevada build 91 which then allowed me to use ZFS boot and use ZFS for all! 🙂