Plumbing new taps in

Ok, my hot water tap broke so I decided to replace it with another new set as the old ones looked naff anyway. The new combi boiler system was installed most using polyplumb fittings and plastic pipe so I got a collection of spare parts from B & Q / Wickes (yeah, I ended up switching between the two stores and went with whoever was cheaper……which was mostly B & Q!). The polyplumb fittings are very easy to use and definitely save money and time if you’re doing things yourself. Ok, so I got the initial central heating installation done by a professional (and a good job he did too) but Andy the plumber did teach me that it’s really easy once you know how things go together. I guess anything is once you know what your doing! 🙂 Anyway a couple of hours later and I had working hot and cold taps again which was good and no leaks! Still before doing any plumbing work make sure you turn off the combi boiler and most importantly the mains water otherwise you might get a little damp!