Plumbing fun in the loft

Plumbing in the loft

Had some fun and games working in the loft in preparation for moving the combi-boiler. The first task was to bring the central heating, hot and cold feeds up into the loft so they can be connected up when Andy the plumber physically moves the boiler from the kitchen up here. It’s the first time I’ve actually soldered plumbing work (let’s hope it doesn’t leak!) and seemed to go reasonably well. I say that because I actually avoided setting fire to anything else in the vicinity…… 😉 The trick seems to be using flux on the joint and then getting it hot enough for the lead free solder to melt into the joint.
Above the airing cupboard.

The only other job was to use an angle grinder to cut a path for the pipes over to the wall to where the boiler will be mounted when it’s moved. The next big job is to get gas up here which travel via outside pipes rather than inside. That should be interesting to do and will obviously be certified by a fully qualified plumber before going into use as will the rest of my handy work! 😉