Playa Del Carmen -> New York -> London

Up and out basically, grabbed our belongings and made our way to the airport via pre-arranged transport. Only took 40 minutes and we then checked in our luggage with no queues – hooray! On the way through security however, we realized we had honey, Tabasco sauce and tequila in our hand luggage forgetting the rules entirely. So having been so smug about the lack of queues we made our way back to check in with a third bag leaving all my valuables in a plastic carrier bag. We finally got through security and had breakfast at Bubba Gump (yes very American) before boarding. Sadly at NY we collected our bags and Phoebe’s liquor bottle had smashed so everything was sticky and smelt awful. Nevertheless we re-packed and got my rucksack back. Boarded the final flight home but had to sit on the tarmac an hour before take off due to the queues. Ho hum, the rest of the journey was without incident.