Pimpilala to Shangrila

We both woke up at light and eventually got up and had breakfast with everyone. After breakfast we sorted ourselves out and then headed out to the local school to visit the kids and teacher then some English in what ever form we deemed necessary! David gave a maths lesson and then Pheebs and Rachael did head, shoulders and knees and toes in two groups of kids which went down well. Heather did another maths lesson followed by the rest of the girls (Sarah, Jennifer, Pheebs, Rachael) doing the 12 days of Christmas (ok it was after the event). We then had various singing examples by the kids and they also gave us a Spanish alphabet lesson! I did a game of British Bulldog outside in the heat and we then played a local variation which the kid, won as it was very hot out and we got knackered! After that we headed back to chill out for a little while before having lunch. After lunch we sorted our stuff out said goodbye to the family and caught a truck to Shangrila. Once there we walled down to the treehouse accommodation for a beer and to enjoy the view. After that we showered and chilled out again. The view from the treehouse was amazing looking out over the tree canopies, and a river winding through the vegetation. Some of our fellow travellers went down the 400 odd steps to the river for a swim (Rachael and Jennifer) but Pheebs and I just chilled reading and having a few beers. We then all had dinner together and then played “killerâ€? in which you have two red cards to signify the killer and a spy card (who knows who the killers are and hints to the others who they are)! I managed to be the killer twice and managed to
wipe 5 folks out. You kinda talk and attempt to guess who the killers can kill one person (so they are out of the game). After that everyone votes who he killer is and the person with the most votes is out. After a couple of games Pheebs and I went to bed (with mossy nets up) for a good night’s sleep.